About the Bag

How many bananas have you thrown away due to them over-ripening, turning them black and mouldy? That’s right – too many. Not only is this a waste of this incredible nutritious fruit but is also a waste of your money!

Welcome to the revolutionary Original Banana Bag - the bag that will extend the life of your bananas by up to 2 weeks or longer!

When kept in the refrigerator, the bag provides the bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to prevent it from blackening.

No longer will you have to throw away this precious yellow commodity.

Purchase your very own Original Banana Bag today and enjoy your delicious and healthy bananas for much, much longer.

Step 1 - Place the fresh bananas into the Banana Bag.Step 2 - Close the bag by pressing the button on the plastic closure ball and sliding it up the string.Step 3 - Place the Banana Bag in the refrigerator.Step 4Step 4

If you love bananas, you’ll love the banana bag!